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Brüggen’s products: Processed cereals.  Its clients: Large-scale distributors.

In 2006, this German group decided to create its second biggest site outside of Germany in Thiers.

Choosing Auvergne wasn’t immediately obvious as Brüggen was looking for a site somewhere between Orleans and Barcelona. Brüggen chose Auvergne for 5 main reasons: its optimal geographic position for reaching its clients in southern Europe (Spain, Italy, Protugal, Greece), the presence of local grain production (the plains of Limagne), a qualified workforce, the presence of large international firms (Michelin, Limagrain), and the added presence of local economic actors.

Today, Brüggen has created 170 jobs in Thiers and produced 20000 tons of breakfast cereal, for an annual turnover of €35 million.

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In 2015, Renova chose Auvergne for its 1st implantation of a manufacturing unit outside Portugal. This industrial investment will initially hire more than 30 employees.

Renova is a portuguese paper manufacturer related to hygiene (paper-toilet, towels, paper towels, handkerchiefs ...). In 2014, Renova decided to set up outside Portugal to be closer to its customers and reduce logistics costs. The Regional Economic Development Agency of Auvergne (ARDE) entered in contact with the company because the Auvergne has an ideal geographic location for this type of activity, in the heart of the French and European market.

In partnership with Business France and public partners, a project team was set up. The team provided tailor-made solution: identification of premises, industrial water supply (major issue for this manufacturer of paper), financial support, assistance and employee training, administrative and legal support. This coordination of local actors has convinced Renova.

The company chose Auvergne among other candidates French regions. The Saint-Yorre unit of Renova manufactures products for France and Benelux markets.


In 2011, Dachser opened its European hub in Combronde, at the intersection of the Paris-Montpellier and Bordeaux-Lyon motorways.

The German distribution powerhouse secured 60000 m² of land at the Parc de l’Aize, from where any point in France is 6 hours away by car in both directions. It is this advantageous location which was the deciding factor for choosing Auvergne.  It is also the low occurrence of traffic jams and the significant public support (€700000 in aide) which made the difference.

Results: 116 employees recruited, and a goal of recruiting up to 200 in the next 5 years to coincide with the launching of the European lines.


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Major actor in the French customer services market, Groupe Acticall established its new site at Cournon, near Clermont-Ferrand, in 2010.  The reasons for setting-up shop?  Support from the ARDE in looking for property, applying for financial aide and investment, and connecting with the local recruitment organizations.

Tristan Daube, Director of the Acticall Rhône-Alpes/Auvergne Regional office: “Particularly we would like to thank all of our local partners who by their efforts were able to ensure that our installation come together under good conditions, and more specifically the teals at ARDE Auvergne for their warm welcome as facilitators in the various meetings leading up to our decision."

500 employees work today at Acticall Cournon.

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