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The "shared" V.I.E. package

Male, female, newly graduated or still a student, aged between 18 and 28, the volunteers for international work experience (V.I.E in french) set-up has chosen to dedicate its skills to enterprises over a modular period of 6 to 24 months for a technical or commercial assignment. UBIFRANCE is in charge of the national management of the V.I.E facility formerly known as the Coopérant du Service National en Entreprise (CSNE, French national service volunteer). UBIFRANCE proposes companies "full time" V.I.Es, however, as the cost of their accommodation abroad is sometimes too heavy for SMEs/SMIs, not mentioning the time required for them to be recruited and supervised, ARDE Auvergne has set up a unique system in France: the "shared" V.I.E " completing UBIFRANCE's offering. 

A package adapted to the SMEs/SMIs of Auvergne

Since 1988, Agence Régionale de Développement  Economique d’Auvergne has been proposing the enterprises of the region a unique package in France: the CSNE, then the shared volunteer for international work experience attached to several companies at a shared cost as a turnkey solution. This means SMEs/SMIs can engage in a commercial operation internationally at the least cost. The agency actually takes care of managing the different aspects of the recruitment and coordinating the V.I.E on behalf of the company directors. It bears 50% of the cost and shares the remaining 50% between the two to four regional enterprises wishing to make use of the services of the same V.I.E. For the enterprise, this package is designed to establish a firm base in the chosen country while fine tuning its export strategy whereas the recent graduate can gain experience in the field to bolster his/her future career.

In terms of their assignments, these are both commercial and technical: market surveys, canvassing, reinforcement of local teams, monitoring of a work site, guidance in an agreement, etc.


Key figures

  • 60%: The agency covers 60% of the total operating costs of a VIE
  • 52 youths have already carried out a VIE shared time and cost assignment
  • 270 companies have benefitted from this program
  • 4 : the number of VIE currently on assignment

Your contact

Cécile Cubizolle
Project manager / International department

+33 (0)4 73 19 60 21

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