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Renova invests in Auvergne

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Renova has just announced that it has selected the region of Auvergne and the town of Saint-Yorre, for its first implantation of a manufacturing unit outside Portugal.

30 employees hired

Renova is a portuguese paper manufacturer related to hygiene (paper-toilet, towels, paper towels, handkerchiefs ...). It has just announced its set up in the former Candia's premises in Saint-Yorre. This industrial investment will initially hire more than 30 employees. This acquisition marks the start of a new cycle of expansion for the company. For Paulo Pereira da Silva, CEO of Renova : "Internationalization is a strategy of the company and the operation in France is a major challenge of this strategy. »

Strategic placement

In 2014, Renova decided to set up outside Portugal to be closer to its customers and reduce logistics costs. It was then that the Regional Economic Development Agency of Auvergne (ARDE), in charge of the establishment of new companies on its territory, entered in contact with the company. "We target european companies that manufacture light products and have high logistics needs because the Auvergne has an ideal geographic location for this type of activity, in the heart of the French and European market," said Hamid Berkani, President of ARDE Auvergne. "Very soon, we identified Renova as a company which might be interested in the Auvergne."

A tailor-made solution

In partnership with Business France and public partners, a project team was set up. The team provided tailor-made solution: identification of premises, industrial water supply (major issue for this manufacturer of paper), financial support, assistance and employee training, administrative and legal support. This coordination of local actors has convinced Renova. The company chose Auvergne among other candidates French regions. By the end of 2015, the Saint-Yorre Renova will manufacture products for France and Benelux markets.

About Renova

The Renova group is specialized in paper production related to hygiene (paper-toilet, towels, paper towels, handkerchiefs). It employs 600 people in Portugal in Torres Novas. Its production is currently carried out entirely in Portugal (with 5 paper production lines and 20 packaging lines), but its products are distributed in Spain, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, the United States, Japan or South Korea. The strength of RENOVA is its capacity to innovate and its sense of marketing. For example colored toilet papers, in particular black paper, is the great success of the company that has enabled it to consolidate a leading position in its market in Europe.