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Regional Economic Intelligence Program


The Regional Program of Competitive Intelligence is a new exclusive service for SME in Auvergne. Its goal: to develop the practices of the Competitive Intelligence in the SME and business groups. For partnership, the programm provides an opportunity for small and micro businesses become more competitive and innovate, giving them access to tools usually reserved for large companies. The program will be launched in January 2012 and will until the end of 2013.

Companies that wish to benefit from this program will fund an average of only 20% of the actual cost of benefits.

2 types of services:

VolcanIE Programme: Awareness and support

- Awareness: 3 days of inter-company training (basic concepts, tools, monitoring, protection of information)

- Individualized support intra-company: 7 days of a specialist in CI (diagnostic strengths / weaknesses, defining areas for improvement, an action plan and internal organization, transfer tool, evaluation ...)

ADIT cell : get expertise in CI

- Access to competitive intelligence unit performing missions short (3-5 days), in partnership with the ADIT.

- Development of web platforms collective intelligence, only for the clusters

Your contact

Julie Debiton
Projet manager

+33 (0)4 73 19 60 34

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