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Regional Economic Intelligence Program

In Auvergne, small FIRMS can SEE BIG!

The Regional Economic Intelligence program is a new service exclusively devoted to very small and small- to medium-sized businesses in Auvergne. Its goal: develop the economic intelligence techniques of SMEs and company groups.

This jointly-financed service allows SMEs to utilize tools traditionally reserved for large companies, so that they may innovate and become more competitive.

The PRIE offers 2 types of services:

Coaching and consultation

- Coaching: 3 days of training within a company (fundamental concepts, fore sighting and research tools, information security)

- Individualized consultation within companies: 6 days of sessions by an CI specialist (diagnosis of your company, defining benchmarks of progress, action plans, internal organization, transfer of tools, evaluation…)

Benefit from the services of CI experts

- Access to a CI unit carrying out short assignments (4 – 5 days – results within 5 weeks). Examples of assignments: identifying and researching qualifications of actors :partners, competitors, clients…; precise benchmarks; investigation; field research…

- Establishing web tools for collective fore sighting (only for cluster and business groups)

Your contact

Julie Debiton
Projet manager

+33 (0)4 73 19 60 34

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