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Standing together


A small region in terms of the number of residents and businesses, Auvergne knows how to develop and optimize its economic organization by utilizing partnership: building a team in order to be stronger and to compete with the large regions. In Auvergne, thanks to this team spirit, everything moves faster, whether it is identifying the right partner, receiving aid, or starting a project…

This value is evident in these examples:

- The Excellence Clusters: Businesses in the leading industries of Auvergne can join within the cluster, financially supported by the Region. This certification requires that each cluster initiate and sees to fruition a minimum number of collaborative projects each year.

- Structures which federate all of the specialists in innovation and exportation, two of the priorities for economic growth.

- The FIAD: with the Auvergne Sustainable Investment Funds (FIAD in french), the people of the Region support their economy. These funds finance creative and innovative SMBs of every economic sector of the Region, with a focus on the industries and jobs of tomorrow. The FIAD is in part financed by funds originating from a mandatory loan from the citizens of Auvergne.  In just one week, the citizens of Auvergne brought together €20 million to support their businesses. 


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