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To live in Auvergne

The Auvergne, A REGION that favors HUMAN AND QUALITY OF LIFE. A NEW WORLD to invest!

Human-sized cities

Clermont-Ferrand is a booming metropolis with an ambitious amenities policy in operation: water leisure centre, sheltered athletics stadium, communal and inter-university library (second largest public reading amenities in France), new hospital of 65,000 m2, pedestrian planning of the town centre, tramway. 

It is a modern, open-plan urban area, ranked highly by the media: optimum purchasing power, safety of property and people, family-oriented, hospital excellence. It is also a "young" town thanks to its student population: one third of its inhabitants are under 20.

Clermont-Fd was awarded 1st french city for quality of life (Study of L'Express Magazine, category "big cities")

An ideal location

When setting up your business in Auvergne, you have an ideal location to serve your market:

- The whole of France is delivered in less than a day of transport.

- Auvergne is a true gateway to the south european market.

Centre of Auvergne is located 2 hours from Lyon, 3:30min from Paris and Bordeaux and 4 hours from Marseille.

Auvergne is located on a "highway node" :

- A71/A75: Paris / Clermont-Ferrand / Montpellier to Spain or Italy

- A 89: Bordeaux / Clermont-Ferrand / Lyon to Switzerland, Italy, Germany and Eastern Europe

The Clermont-Ferrand Auvergne international airport offers daily connections to the major French towns and European capitals. 

A world of culture and art of living

Auvergne boasts a rich cultural heritage: 250 Roman structures (which make Auvergne one of the richest regions in Europe in for Roman structures) and several castles attest to this.

Today, Auvergne is known most of all for its vibrant and dynamic culture.  The Region has an abundance of unique national and international festivals: The International Street Theater Festival in Aurillac (which draws more than 100000 people along 4 days), the International Short Film Festival (second festival in France in terms of visitors, second only to the Cannes Festival) and of course the music festivals in all their forms, from the Sacred Music Festival ‘la Chaise-Dieu’ to the Europavox rock, electro and hip-hop concerts.

Auvergne also benefits from state-of-the-art event facilities: the Zenith d’Auvergne, the Coopérative de Mai (a hall which hosts one of the best yearly programs in the country, which helped to make Clermont-Ferrand the most ‘rock’n’roll’ city in France), the Vulcania theme park or the National Center for Stage Costumes.

And finally the Region is proud of the business grouping, Le Damier, which strives to federate, professionalize and develop the competitiveness of companies in the music and film industry.

The Auvergne, a natural world

The Auvergne is a unique world of nature with two regional parks and four natural reserves. Its volcanic origin gave it a unique character, with 80 aligned dormant volcanoes ("La Chaîne des Puys"), 109 mineral springs (Volvic, Vichy, Châteldon ...), botanical and wildlife treasures.

Key projects 

Auvergne was the first European region to have 100% high-speed internet coverage. Today, it is one of the most dynamic in adopting broadband.  In 2012, for the first time in France, the State, the Region, local authorities and Orange France Telecom signed an agreement for the deployment of ultra high-speed broadband in Auvergne. Their goal : cover 50% of the population of the region in 2020. Meanwhile, communities of Auvergne launch a consultation prior to the establishment of a network of public initiative to provide ultra high-speed broadband to 53% of the population living in areas not covered by the Orange network.

The high-speed line Paris-Orleans-Clermont-Lyon is currently under investigation. It would just 2:00 to Clermont in Paris and 1h15 from Lyon.

Vibrant cities on a human scale, natural environment, pervasive culture, boosted by large economic projects... Welcome to Auvergne, your new world to live!

Key figures

  • 1,400,000 inhabitants
  • A regional urban area of 290,000 inhabitants: Clermont-Ferrand
  • 3rd best place to live in France
  • 4th region for GDP/inhabitant
  • 17,000 new inhabitants per year

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