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IN AUVERGNE, I.T. are a highly diversified sector. Auvergne boasts an extremely diversified economy in terms of Information and Communication Technologies: developers and integrators of software packages, 2D/3D multimedia designers, human/machine interface study and development, search engine and cartography interface technology, digital and telecommunications security, magnetic systems R&D, etc…

In total this makes for more than 900 companies working in this field. SMB and large groups alike are collaborating particularly effectively and have built durable andtrusting relationships. Certain SMBs are leaders in their market. Such is the case with Odyssée Interactive, for which the site is one of the leading in France; Almerys, specialized in industrial-grade datamanagement, notably in health and electronictransactions applications; Medialexie, with a remedial learning tools software designed for people struggling with dyslexia; and also notable firms such as IP Leanware, CIPAM, Effidence, Com’active…

Auvergne is also one of the only regions to welcome the largest national and international information technology consulting firms: CGI, Sopra, IBM, Cap Gemini, Atos Origin, Wipro, Modis, Accenture, Orange. They all have operation sites at the La Pardieu Technology Park. The park is also home of Pascalis, business incubator which helps ICT start-ups during their creation and development.

A region eager to uphold the sector

The regional authorities have invested heavily in order to support the territory's ICT development. Auvergne was the first European region to reach 100% broadband service. Today the region is expanding fiber optic coverage with a goal of 100% population coverage by 2017. 

Training and research

Auvergne is training the digital professionals of tomorrow. The region has made available 50 training programs its universities which will help firms to rely on qualified competent personnel. The region boasts the following engineering training programs (graduate programs):

- Université Blaise Pascal: Internet strategies and professional project management, information systems and decision-making support, digital and computer modeling technology research.

- ISIMA: Superior Institute for Applied Computer Science and Modeling

- Polytech: Mathematics and Modeling engineering, electrical engineering

Auvergne also benefits from a results-driven research institution including two European renowned laboratories : LIMOS (Computer Science, Modeling and Systems Optimisation Laboratory) and LASMEA (Electronics and Automation Materials Sciences Laboratory). The region also hosts the Corpuscular Physics Laboratory working on bioinformatics and medical imaging.

IT, a structured industry

- The cluster Auvergne TIC, is tasked with acting as a catalyst and trigger of regional economic development. Grouping together 85 members, it acts as one of the regional advantages to anchor firms in the area, develops training programs based on current needs and most of all instigates innovation and collaborative work.

- BUSI is the first start-up incubator created in France. This organization supports project stakeholders in every aspect of business creation: economic, legal and scientific aid, as well as tertiary or technical space…

- Auvergne JEREMIE funds support the innovation of firms by way of direct financing up to €1M.

- The APRV (Association for the Promotion of Virtual Reality) works to democratize the access of private and public actors to virtual reality technologies. This group has established a technology, software and engineering resource center accessible by all professionals. Its goal is to facilitate the access to these resources while achieving the state of the art technology. The centre, among other things, is equipped with an immersive cube which employs software and 4 giant screens.

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