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Auvergne is a world of innovation, where research and training are the engines.  Auvergne relies on its students, with two universities and seven Grande Ecoles as well as numerous research centers.  Auvergne welcomes, from every discipline, 45000 students and 6000 researchers in a number of organizations and in highly diversified fields.

Seven internationally-recognised ‘Grandes Ecoles’ / Graduate schools

IFMA – French Advanced Mechanics Institute

ISIMA – Computer-aided Design and Technology Superior Institute

POLYTECH – Engineering Sciences Institute

ENSCCF – State Superior School of Chemistry at Clermont-Ferrand

ENITA – State School of Agricultural Engineering

ESC Clermont – Superior School of Commerce – Clermont-Ferrand

ENGREF – State School of Rural Engineering for Water and Forests

National Research Centers

INRA – National Agronomy Research Institute

INSERM – National Health and Medical Research Institute

CRNH – Human Nutrition Research Center

CNEP – National Center for the Study of Photoprotection

CNRS – National Scientific Research Center

Technology Sharing Centers for Enhancing Innovation

Technological centers or technology-transfer platforms: Auvergne has developed several tools to allow companies to adapt an innovation after its initial research: Casimir, Regional Technology sharing center, Alliatech, Mecaprod, Forbois Auvergne.

Creativity: It’s also cultural!

Auvergne boasts a rich cultural heritage: 250 Roman structures (which make Auvergne one of the richest regions in Europe in for Roman structures) and several castles attest to this.

Today, Auvergne is known most of all for its vibrant and dynamic culture.  The Region has an abundance of unique national and international festivals: The International Street Theater Festival in Aurillac (which draws more than 100000 people along 4 days), the International Short Film Festival (second festival in France in terms of visitors, second only to the Cannes Festival) and of course the music festivals in all their forms, from the Sacred Music Festival ‘la Chaise-Dieu’ to the Europavox rock, electro and hip-hop concerts.

Auvergne also benefits from state-of-the-art event facilities: the Zenith d’Auvergne, the Coopérative de Mai (a hall which hosts one of the best yearly programs in the country, which helped to make Clermont-Ferrand the most ‘rock’n’roll’ city in France), the Vulcania theme park or the National Center for Stage Costumes.

And finally the Region is proud of the business grouping, Le Damier, which strives to federate, professionalize and develop the competitiveness of companies in the music and film industry.


Key figures

  • 45.000 students
  • 6.000 researchers
  • 7 graduate schools
  • The 1st start-up incubator in France : BUSI

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