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Competitive Intelligence

The Regional Agency leads MISSIONS IN Competitive INTELLIGENCE for SME.

Competitive intelligence, what is it?

Business intelligence is the set of coordinated activities of collecting, processing and dissemination of strategic information useful for decision-making: market research, opportunity, sourcing, contacting customers ...

Serving the SME

We have a team in partnership with Intelligence Agency for the Dissemination of Technological Information (ADIT).

SME, we provide you with benefits usually reserved for business intelligence to large corporations, at very limited.

Competitive Intelligence, for what?

The CI will allow you to validate, set or secure your strategy international expansion:

- Better inform you: identify and qualify your partners, competitors, suppliers, customers, experts and key contacts, monitor the technical and commercial developments in your market, facilitate decision making at the right time and reduce uncertainty in the implementation project / development strategies and innovation

- Extra protection: strengthening the protection of critical information of your business and your particular skills, assess the capabilities of your business partners

- Influence: affect your business environment through regulatory or lobbying methods

Your contact

Julie Debiton
Projet manager

+33 (0)4 73 19 60 34

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