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Clusters of Excellence

Come together to innovate better and gain competitive : This is the aim of the CLUSTER


What is a Cluster exactly?

In a specific area, a cluster is the intersection of businesses, research organizations and training centers, committed to a collective partnership for mounting a common development strategy and responding to calls for proposals.

The Region certified 7 “Excellence Clusters – Auvergne” in:

Green Industries

E2IA: Innovative eco-friendly business / focus: the global impact of climate change for a sustainable economy, the evaluation of our environmental heritage, and new uses for waste and waste management.

New Technologies

E-cluster : metrology / focus : data analysis for productivity and sustainable development . The aim of the cluster is to develop new models and computer tools to rationalize the activities of companies.

Plastics Engineering

JCEP: Plastics, plastic extrusion / focus: Green design and plastic recycling, new materials, founding the Research and Innovation Center for Plastics Extrusion (CIRPE), proto-typing laboratory supported by industry actors.


Analgesia Partnership: Pain medication, treating pain / focus: design of medication based on acetaminophen, the development of fast-acting pain medication, identification of new molecular targets of interest, the development of evaluation methods for spontaneous pain in animals.

InnovaTherm : hydrotherapy and health / focus : to position regional hydrotherapy stations on the concept of good health through InnovaTherm. This cluster focuses on the development of products, care or health programs, relying on leading laboratories such as the "Centre Jean Perrin" of Clermont-Ferrand.

PRI (Pharmabiotic Research Institute): Pharmaceutical probiotics / focus: the first in applying the state of the art in probiotics knowledge to pharmaceutical standards, give visibility to such efforts, and strengthen the relationship with the appropriate French and European health authorities.

Nutravita: Food-Health / focus: Repositioning of regional food industry products into a nutritional balance, prevention of metabolic disorders associated with aging, chronic disease and our ever-changing eating habits.


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