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Auvergne Your New World

To host a collective discussion about the strategy of Auvergne’s image, and to allow for a dialogue and the establishment of collaborative projects, the ‘Auvergne: Your New World’ Association was created in April 2011 in the presence of leading Auvergne companies, SMBs, Festivals, cultural sites, universities, schools, associations… The Association welcomes and is open to every field.  This Association strives to:

- Manage and promote a common territorial marketing strategy for every sector of the economy and Auvergne territories, so as to optimize the attractiveness and the image of Auvergne, its businesses, products and services and thereby increasing the overall success of Auvergne.

- Coordinate the efforts of as many public and private actors as possible, improving Auvergne’s attractiveness in national and international markets.

- Create conditions favorable for promotional campaigns and standardized collective communication on the image of the Auvergne Region.

- Manage the brand ‘Auvergne: Your New World’ and in particular its shared use by all of the partners who rely on Auvergne to become better know and to promote their interest of campaigns.


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