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The Auvergne at the CES Las Vegas

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Auvergne will organize the most important delegation of the french regions, including 8 companies, at the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) of Las Vegas, the biggest event dedicated to high technology in the world. 

Along with Samsung, Apple or Sony, 8 startups from Auvergne will be present at CES 2015 in Las Vegas! Among them, Perfect Memory, which chose Auvergne last year for its development and which dreams to become the next Google! But also start-ups specialised in virtual reality with Catopsys, security and digital trust with Almerys, or connected objects with Sezam. They are all symbolised the vitality of the region in the digital sector.

The Auvergne has more than 900 companies, some of which are market leaders. This is the case of Almerys, which will be at the CES. But it is also the case of Medialexie, IP Leanware, CIPAM, Effidence or Com'active...

Recently, the region has adopted an exemplary organization, which brings together public and private organizations of the digital sector. A laboratory of ideas to boost the sector, through concrete actions such as the delegation of the CES.

The 8 participating companies of the Auvergne delegation at the CES Las Vegas 2015 : 






Perfect Memory