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Attractive financial support

By establishing your business in Auvergne, PLUS THE COST OF LAND AND PROPERTY AMONG THE LOWEST IN FRANCE, you will receive various subsidies.

We will be with you to identify the best financing and mobilize all the support you need to realize your project in Auvergne.

You can benefit from a range of european, national, regional and local financial grants according to investment and job creation.

The main measures are :

JEREMIE (Joint European Resources for Micro to Medium Enterprises)

JEREMIE is a European initiative to encourage the creation of innovative companies by improving their access to finance. The Auvergne was one of the first french regions to launch this program, with the Auvergne JEREMIE funds (25.2 million euros). 

Which supports ? interventions in minority capital between € 150,000 and € 1 million, for the creation of innovative firms.

PAT (State development grant) for industrial projects

It is intended for creation, addition and change, or take-over of business activity as well as research and development programm of business activity

European Regional Development Fund

Other additional funding will be specifically tailored to the specifications of your project.

In addition to these aids, Michelin Development provides technical assistance and offers loans at an advantageous interest rate (1.75%) equivalent to 5000 € per job created.

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